Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Things That Help

So what does it for you?  A glass of wine and a good chair around 4 p.m.?  A desert sunset?  A walk along a beach?  Sleeping in?  Decluttering a closet?  A long phone conversation?  Monitoring monarch butterfly migrations? Listening to Ella?  Singing Ella?  Fly fishing?  Running a 5K?  Chocolate?

For me:

It's being with someone with a fabulous sense of humor and having a good laugh! 

Having someone else make supper.

Having someone else come up with a plan to go someplace together.

Going someplace by train.  (Planes are no fun anymore.)

Finding a fabulous new book in the library.

Playing my Coyote Oldman "Tear of the Moon" CD -- Native American flute and Incan pan pipes.

Sleeping through the night.

Seeing afternoon light filter through a line of trees, especially in the autumn when there are fewer leaves.

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